On Halloween 2010, artists Nicholas Brooks and Jason Losh hosted a costume party in their studio in Brooklyn. Brooklyn based Orphan played a blistering set which I recorded via my mobile Pro Tools rig. I was beginning to explore the idea of doing limited edition hand cut records to expand the Never Records archive, and our goal was to release an edition of ten clear 10" records with the inverted graphics to be silkscreened on the back of the vinyl. Nicholas Brooks designed the imagery.

Tragically, Brendan Majewski  took his own life in January of 2011. He was a very talented artist and made these brilliant videos  where he scoured the internet for video clips which he then strung together in amazing ways.

Nick, Speck Brown, and I decided to dedicate the edition to Brendan's family and we donated the proceeds to help his family. It was an honor to be a small part of Orphan's history. I was fortunate to see them play at Ramiken Crucible, which as one of my favorite shows ever in New York.

Watch Nick Brooks video Soda Pressing here.