What is Never Records?

Never Records is an art project by New York artist/musician Ted Riederer. Exploring the potential of a record store and record label to unite, educate, and uplift a community through recorded sound, Never Records began in an abandoned Tower Records near Union Square in New York City. In January 2010, Riederer, in collaboration with curators No Longer Empty, created what the Wall Street Journal described as a “mock shop” that served as a “love letter to the dying concept of the record store.” 

Since 2010, Never Records has traveled to: Liverpool, Derry, Ireland, London, Lisbon, New Orleans, Victoria Texas, and Amman Jordan. Kansas City will be the 9th edition of Never Records. The idea is simple.Riederer travels to a city and opens a vinyl record shop. The BBC wrote, “Never Records is a mock record shop that only stocks vinyl that has been cut in the store itself. Using microphones and a specialist vinyl-cutting turntable at oneend of the “store”, New York artist Ted Riederer has been recording musicians on the spot before giving them freshly-pressed 12-inch records of their songs.”

Performers can sign up for recording sessions inside the art installation and leave with a freshly cut vinyl record of their music.

Visitors to the exhibition can view all of the unique artwork in the shop designed to mimick a long-operating record shop, listen to any of the recordings from all of the Never Record’s installations on a turntable in the shop, and watch performances being recorded and cut live.

In an interview with the London radio station Resonance FM, Riederer explained one of the goals of Never Records, ”In a world of Facebook fatigue, Never Records is an attempt to create an actual community as opposed to a virtual one.”

Where and When?

Never Records opens August 25, 2018 as part of Open Spaces Kansas City, and runs through October 28th, 2018, in a storefront space in the Crossroads district of Kansas City. The space is located at 1611 Oak St., Kansas City, MO 64108.

The exhibition will be open from Wednesday - Sunday from 10am-6pm. There will be a series of workshops and special events. A calendar of events will be posted on the Never Records website www.neverrecords.net.

How do performers get involved?

To find out more information and book a slot, email neverrecordskc@gmail.com.

Sessions will last for three hours beginning at the following times: 10am and 2pm.

These will take place Wednesday-Sunday except when specified.

Will there be a back line?

Musicians will have to bring all of there own equipment. A small line PA, and a limited number of headphones will be provided by the artist.

Can bands use multi-tracking?

In the spirit of folklorist Alan Lomax, the goal of the Never Record’s recording session is to capture the magic of live recording rather than produce stale, slick, and lifeless tracks. When possible, everything will be recorded live.

What happens to the recordings?

All of the recordings will become part of the Never Record’s Archive. Riederer reserves the right use the recordings in future exhibitions and other events and media associated with the art work as well as the sale of the archives. 


Riederer will not sell any performances without the explicit permission of the artist. In addition to receiving vinyl copies of their performances, Riederer will make hi-quality digital copies available of the recordings available. Performers can use their recordings freely.

Who Can Participate?

All are welcome. Any level of professionalism is graciously accepted and encouraged.

Any sounds imaginable are wanted.

For more information email neverrecordskc@gmail.com, or visit www.neverrecords.net.

Listen to Never Records radio at https://soundcloud.com/user-433696173.